the worn out shoes of hieronymous-le-clochard


Did you know that it could be so simple?


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For ikeRadi and doeRadi simpler versions exist:
ike-radi-formula | doe-radi-formula

This GoldenRatio Artwork page of hieron firms under the working title: 'the worn out shoes of hieronymous-le-clochard'. The original idea was born already 2008, which evoluted during 5 years to ike-radi-formula and doe-radi-formula. The content shows nice analytical setups for isohedral radii. The radii values are not absolutley fixed to a side length unit (a=1 or a=2), but proportional. Already the original idea was remarkable, but the output after 5 years is a mathematical sensation. Whenever hieron met a math-teacher occasionally, he asked him for support for publication, creating a science paper. hieron is an artist not a professional mathematician. Writing a book was too expensive. So hieron walked and walked, talked and walked, but all mathematicians were too busy or just not enough interested. Finally it is published on this website as a form of computer artwork, and hieron will buy new shoes.

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