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Singular: radius, plural: radii or radiuses, but to simplify this website uses only 'radi'

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building a community for amateurs and professionals studying the 'isaac-pacl-report'. Some people collect stamps in their leisure time, and we study some symbols which may have extraterrestial origins. The production of an official-scientific-paper on the general-radius-formula of icosahedron and dodecahedron before 2014.

Most graphics and calculations were done in Wolfram Mathematica 7.0

appreciated, thank you.

The content of this website (www.phimath.net), except the original isaac-pacl-report material, is intellectual property of hieronymous-le-clochard, hieron@phimath.net (e-mail). The pentra were redesigned by 'the-duke', a graphics designer and friend. Of course many books on polyhedrons are missing an important simplification, and need update. Many schoolbook-editors may want to print the general-radius-formulas or an aquivalent. This is original, unverified material, never seen by any mathematician, nor an English lector. Please wait until the community finishes an official scientific paper. No copyright licencses can be given before 2014, no exceptions. This is an ongoing research, and a lot of interesting content is still not published yet.

hieronymous-le-clochard (pseudonym), shortened hieron, an artist, producing GoldenRatio Artwork, fantastic ideas, the study of simplicity and difficulty, natif-logic, association-amplifiers, mathematical mindmaps and tables, from science fiction to reality, a translator for extraterrestrial mathematics (phimath). Hieronymus is the patron saint of translators. hieron is not member of social-platforms.

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